Comstar-United TeleSystems is a major multiservice communications operator.
Gazprom Export is the largest exporter of natural gas in the world, supplying gas to Europe and CIS member countries.
MasterCard is an international payments system, bringing together 22,000 financial institutions in 210 nations.
Raiffeisen International is the foremost banking group with part foreign ownership operating in Russia.
Sumitomo Corporation represents a top-ranked Japanese investment company.
Only our team of translators and editors specializing in telecommunications works on Zebra Telecom orders.
Kaspersky Laboratory is the most popular maker of anti-virus, anti-spam, and hacker attack defense systems.
OSMP is a major payment terminal network in 10 countries (QIWI brand).
The IKS Holding Company is a leading publisher in the telecommunications market.
Andrew is a telecom equipment manufacturer belonging to the CommScope group of companies.
WestCall telecom provider (ZAO West Call LTD)
Alvarion – a leading supplier of wireless broadband access solutions (WiMAX)
One of our teams specializing in finance does translations for the Russian International Bank.
EZSolutions provides comprehensive support for foreign companies which are expanding their geographical reach into Russia and CIS member nations.
Freight One Company is the largest rail freight operator in Russia.
Diamond Communications develops and implements reliable, state-of-the-art information and telecommunications projects of every level of complexity.
Hines is an international company specializing in construction and real estate investment.
Toshiba is a major international firm in the fields of electrical products, electronics, power equipment and medical equipment.
ILO is the acronym of the International Labor Organization, an agency of the United Nations Organization. Established in 1919, the ILO has 182 member nations as of 2009.
Mechel is a leading Russian mining and metals company.
Intersputnik is an international organization providing satellite communications services. Founded on November 15, 1971 in Moscow, it operates 12 satellites in orbit and has 25 member countries.
MOL is Hungary’s largest oil and gas company. It is one of the largest corporations in Central Europe.
Sitronics is one of the largest high-tech companies in Eastern Europe, working in telecommunications solutions, information technologies, systems integration and consulting, and microelectronics product development and production.
Mareven Food Central is a fast-growing industrial and commercial company specializing in the production and sale of a wide range of food products in various countries.
Linxtelecom, an international holding company, is a leading supplier of integrated telecommunications services in Russia and throughout Europe.
Telcordia is a global supplier of land-based, mobile and broadband communications, software and services.
Synterra is a major telecommunications holding company. Its geographical reach extends to more than 30,000 communities in over seventy regions of Russia. The company has its own 67,000-km fiber-optic trunk network.
Gazprom Neft is one of Russia’s largest oil companies. The company owns the Omsk Petroleum Refinery and several major oil production assets.
CenterTelecom, a Russian telecommunications company, is one of the seven regional subsidiaries of the Russian holding company Svyazinvest.
Kosmos TV is a Russian media company which also operates in Belarus and Ukraine. The company provides Internet and video services.
The M. Gorky Film Studio is a Soviet and Russian film company, founded in 1915. The studio has made over a thousand films during its history.
UNICEF, or the United Nations Children’s Fund, is the UN’s international emergency fund to provide aid to children. It was established by the UN General Assembly on December 11, 1946. UNICEF programs operate in 157 countries.
Gazprom Space Systems is one of Russia's largest satellite operators. The company’s satellite group has three satellites in orbit. Gazprom Space Systems plans to launch another seven space vehicles by 2015.
FGUP NIIR, the Radio Research & Development Institute, was founded in 1949. It is part of the Russian Federation Ministry of Communications system, specializing in the development of radio communications systems, satellite and ground-based television and sound broadcasting systems, and radio technologies development.
Qualcomm is a major wireless communications R&D company, based in San Diego, California, USA. It was founded in 1985.
AMT Group provides design, implementation and technical support for complex infrastructure systems, information systems and information security management systems. AMT Group has 15 years of experience in the Russian systems integration market.