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Days of Canton Vaud in Moscow

A special event called Days of Canton Vaud in Moscow: Intersection of Potentials took place Sept. 13-16, presenting this major francophone area of Switzerland, and its capital, Lausanne, to the Russian public. Organizational and communications support was provided by R.I.M. Porter Novelli and Farner Consulting, in collaboration with the translation company Unimind V-Group. The timing of the event was geared to President of the Russian Federation Dmitri Medvedev’s upcoming official visit to Switzerland. An array of political, economic, cultural and social events were held in Moscow. For four days the Ritz Carlton Hotel, venue for the central activities, became a diplomatic and business center, a city crossroads where the mutual interests of Russians and Swiss could intersect.


The employees and partners of UniMind V-Group congratulate Olga Fedotova!

Congratulations, newlyweds! We wish you love and happiness:


Honda, Toshiba, Hines

For the UniMind V-Group translation company, these summer months have been no less productive than other times of the year. We are happy to welcome our new customers!   Among them are the world-famous companies Honda, Toshiba, and...


More New Telecom Customers!

Two new companies, WestCall and Alvarion, recently joined the ranks of our telecom customers.

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