For our corporate customers

 In order to provide comprehensive service, we offer to work with you under a corporate contract which includes the following points:



·         Confidentiality and information security agreement



·         Guaranteed quality provided by a group of professional translators and editors, selected to meet your particular needs



·         The opportunity to order rush translations



·         Assignment of a case manager for your translation project, who will serve as consultant and  keep you informed



·         Courier service



·         The ability to make urgent changes and track the implementation of your project online



·         The opportunity to enjoy all of our company’s services on attractive terms



 Our company has implemented the XTRF automated management and quality control system (ISO 9001 certified), which enables us to optimize our internal business processes, as well as to provide our corporate customers full access to data from previous projects.



 Since starting our business, we have built a reputation as a reliable partner and have received high performance marks from major Russian and foreign companies in a wide range of industries and fields of science. Our skilled staff and advanced technologies ensure high quality, which is why the regular clients who have put their trust in us include companies like these: “Our customers” section



 For your convenience, the latest edition of an overview about our company is always available on our website: